What can I do if my family has a history of cardiac problems?

Some of our patients come to us worried that they may be predisposed to cardiac problems. These patients might have a family history of heart disease, for example, and they want to know whether they have a congenital defect or are likely to develop cardiac problems in the future.


Alternatively, patients of this type, with no knowledge of an existing condition or symptoms, may be inclined to seek advice and a cardiac check-up if their lifestyle puts them at risk of develop heart problems - the big four of stress, weight, smoking, alcohol. 


It is often a relief for patients to know, following in-depth consultation and diagnostic procedures, that they have a clean bill of health. Moreover, those patients who are found to have a higher risk of cardiac health problems often find they can reduce their risk and manage emerging disease with a thorough lifestyle management plan or other non-invasive interventional therapies.

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