Cardiac intervention

proceduralIntervention is the term used by the medical community to refer to treatment - we are literally intervening between a patient and their disease in order to halt or, ideally, reverse the disease's progress. 


NSHC specialises in cardiac non-invasive interventional services and preventative medicine. If necessary we partner with the best clinicians to facilitate for surgical intervention. What NSHC focuses on is either pharmacotherapeutic treatment, using a specific programme of drug therapies to tackle disease, and lifestyle management. 


Lifestyle management tackles the big four risk factors for heart and cardiac disorder, getting you healthy and on track with:

  • Stress management;
  • Weight managment;
  • Smoking cessation;
  • Alcohol management.

Depending on which of these areas are relevant to you, we will help you institute a lifestyle management system based upon the following:

  • 12 week programmes, with fortnightly follow-ups).
  • Comprehensive evaluations (a diagnostic phase).
  • Goal setting - specific and realistic - "I'd like to achieve a healthy weight of 70kg", "I'd like to feel less stressed at work".
  • Fitness programmes focusing, of course, on cardiac health.
  • Lipid and cholesterol lowering programmes.
  • Diet advice and modification.
  • Smoking cessation programmes (pharmacotherapeutic, counselling).
  • Alcohol management programmes.

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