Cardiac diagnosis at the North Shore Heart Clinic: heart stress testing in Sydney

North Shore Heart Clinic's sophisticated cardiological facilities come into their own during the diagnostic phase. Patients are sometimes referred to the our cardiologists in Sydney solely to take advantage of the latest diagnostic technology that North Shore Heart Clinic has to offer, bypassing consultation altogether. In this case, North Shore Heart Clinic acts as a diagnostic laboratory outsourcing its resources to affiliated clinicians.


Most usually, however, our specialist heart doctors will recommend a battery of specific diagnostic tests following an in-depth consultation. Targeted diagnosis takes many forms. Here are some examples of the diagnostic tools at the North Shore Heart Clinic's disposal:


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Electrocardiography (ECG) and stress electrocardiography


An ECG provides a general measure of the electrical activity of the heart and cardiac system. When our cardiologists submit a patient to an ECG 'heart stress test' at Sydney’s North Shore Heart Clinic, an ECG measurement is combined with exercise to establish how your cardiac system functions under physical stress.


Echocardiography (ECHO) and stress echocardiography


An ECHO uses ultrasound technology to provide a visualisation of the structure and function of your heart and cardiac system. The stress ECHO, similar to a stress ECG, combines echocardiography with exercise to monitor the performance of your cardiac system under physical stress – yet another way to undergo a heart stress test at Sydney’s North Shore Heart Clinic.


Holter monitor


The Holter monitor is an unobtrusive take-home device which monitors your heart and cardiac system over a given period of time (24 hours, for example). The next time you are in the clinic, your specialist heart doctor can analyse the Holter monitor's recorded data to aid diagnosis.


Ambulatory sphygmomanometer


This is another take-home option to aid diagnosis that monitors your blood pressure over a given period of time. As with the Holter monitor, your cardiologist can interpret the results to aid accurate diagnosis.
The data collected from these diagnostic imaging and data-collection procedures inform your doctor's diagnosis. After these tests, another consultation is usually required during which your doctor will go over your results and recommend a number of options for treatment, or what we call interventional procedures.


Heart stress test in Sydney’s North Shore Heart Clinic
Book a heart stress in Sydney with the North Shore Heart Clinic


Heart stress tests in Sydney are an important part of North Shore Heart Clinic’s mission to help Sydney and NSW residents get their hearts healthy and stay healthy, whether they need diet and exercise advice or more involved interventions. Call the North Shore Heart Clinic to speak to a qualified cardiologist in Sydney.


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